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Aktuelle Workshops 2018

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani

Wabi Sabi Remember and Forget

Workshop|Weinviertler Fotowochen | 28. 07. 2018 - 04. 08. 2018

opening: 28.7.2018 um 10 Uhr

Wabi Sabi is a world view in Japanese aesthetics that is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. It is a concept taken from the Buddhist doctrine of the three existential truths: nothing is permanent, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.

Starting with a drift through Vienna and the surrounding area, which the protagonists, the participants of the photo project, either consciously or unconsciously will wash to places that either attract or repel them, to magical places of collective or individual memory, which secrets are waiting to be revealed – by immersion into these places, in a more cautious or a courageous approach – we will enter the field of memory and forgetting. Formally we will focus on the aesthetics of Wabi Sabi. The protagonists of the photo project will use serial photography, to develop individual photographic techniques based on the principle of Wabi Sabi.

Both, analogue and digital photography may be used. Of importance here is to emphasize on the process, the search, the approach and not to manifest the finished,
the perfection or the final result. The philosophy of Wabi Sabi exactly opens the appropriate perspective on to the volatile which cohabits the memory and the in-completion of a narrative, of events differently remembered, which, barely recalled, dissolve again, superimposed by new timely pictures.

In this fugitive notion, inherent in the media, to which ever faster recycling cycles we constantly expose ourselves, we will visualize, by focusing on a photographic series, a snapshot of that which neither already belongs to the past nor to the future yet.

Nina Fischer & Maroan El Sani
Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani deal with the central parameters of a 21st century formative discourse about space by the visualization of urban and architectural settings. In an ongoing photographic and cinematic approach to spaces of particular significance, they are interested in the relevance of places in terms of aspects such as identity, history and memory.


fee: 260.- Euro 

download flyer: http://www.fotofluss.at/media/pdf/pdf376.pdf

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