Konyen Brigitte


Born in Gmunden, Upper Austria. Lives and works as a freelance artist and curator in Vienna focusing on photography, object art, gallery management (06–08). Member of Fotogalerie Wien Collective since 2011. Represented in public and private collections. Member of FLUSS, eop, IG Bildende Kunst.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection): 2012 Memory weaves – unweaves time, ÖBV - Atrium, Vienna / 2008 Fotoflechtbilder, Fotoobjekte, kunstraum arcade, Mödling / 2007 constructing memories, Gallery Geyling, Vienna / 2005 picture this , „neuer standort“, St. Balbach, Wien.

Group Exhibitions (Selection): 2012 4th Novosibirsk International Festival of Contemporary Photography, Novosibirsk / 2011 The FACE: evolution of portrait in photography, Traveling exhibition: Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History, Novosibirsk (opening), ROSPHOTO Museum Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg (closing) / Jubiläumsausstellung – 30 JAHRE FOTOGALERIE WIEN, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna / 2010 The Great Escape, Künstlerhaus Vienna, International Month of Photography 2010 (Catalog) / 2009 Etwas Kleines, basement, Vienna / 2008 Traces – Erinnerung in Fotografien, Künstlerhaus Vienna, International Month of Photography 2008 (Catalog) 2008 Wirklich wahr, International Month of Photography, Gallery Geyling, Vienna /Entscheidungen treffen (ViennArt), Museum auf Abruf (MUSA), Vienna.

Artist Statement To realize my art I use one of the eldest handcrafts in the world - the weaving or plaiting. I cut photographs in stripes and intertwine them. Thus a picture with a geometric pattern is created that at first glance appears to be abstract or multifocal. Structure and order are a self-constructed matter and open to numerous compositions as well as references to pictorial contents. In many ways time is a main topic in my art. The very moment the pictures were taken intertwines with other moments and they thus condense into a „time-weaving“ that questions the linear absorption of time.