Schwarz Irene

Born 1968 in Mistelbach (Lower Austria).
Studied sociology; in the beginning social scientist.
Since 2001 preoccupation with photography. Attended photo-workshops and 2004/05 the fotoK course for artistic photography.

Originally sociologist, Irene Schwarz focuses on the human being. She tries to discover his attitudes and characteristics. Identity is as well topic as the view to the own biography or personal memories. Text is again and again an essential part of her work which defines more precisely the statement of the image or recontextualizes it.

Exhibitions (since 2002): Freiraum Museumsquartier, Wien (2005), Soho in Ottakring (2006), Siebenstergalerie Wien (2006), Kunstverein Mistelbach (2008), Cultue Centre „Vernisazh“, Czernowitz (2011), Ausstellungsbrücke, St. Pölten (2014).

photo: Irene Schwarz, exhibition view "Wie ein roter Faden"