Schuster Werner

Born on 27 Oct. 1957 in Vienna, W. Schuster attended Grammar School in Neunkirchen, NÖ. for four years, then the musical branch at the BORG in Wr. Neustadt for another four years.
Having graduated, he enrolled at the Medical University Vienna, where he received his practising Certificate on 23 Dec.1983. After marrying Dr. Margarita Schuster, a dentist, he completed his three years of practical training from 1984 to 1987 at the hospital in Neunkirchen. Having specialised in radiology in Neunkirchen and Vienna, he opened up his own practice in Neunkirchen in April 1993. W. Schuster has been a keen photographer since the age of six. 2005 he changed his profession and since this time he is working with X-ray-photography.
Since 2010 Schuster is a member of the Artist Society (Künstlerhaus) in Vienna, since 2013 at FLUSS.

IDEA and Technique:
The idea to the first atypical x-ray photographs arose just before the invitation to the presentation of a new mammography appliance in 2002. A year later I tried to x-ray various different objects. This resulted in myfirst portfolio “X - FRUITS : Photos taken without a camera“ two years later.
Most pictures are large sized photographies and include always x-ray - objects. The photos were first taken analogous with a „Linhof-Technika 4x5 inch camera“ and then they were digitalized. Some pictures were taken later with a digital camera (Canon EOS 5D markII). The last portfolio (2012) shows black and white pictures without fotos in a very graphic composition.
Mostly the digital x-rays were created by a digital mammography unit (Dicom-3) and afterwards the x-rays were imported with Photoshop.