Fröhlich Simon

Simon Fröhlich born in 1973, Germany attended Photography an graphical Art School in Vienna during the 1990´s

After having spent a few years working as assistent for internationally acclaimed Photographers such as Elfie Semotan, Michel Comte and Martin Schoeller to name but a few, he started to visualize his own projects that have grown over the years.

His work was mainly influenced by illustrators and graphic artists such as Dave McKean or Moebius and their graphic novels.

While travelling on long term trips through the Patagonian landscapes he develloped a unique style of manipulating and altering his images only with the tools of analog photographic techniques and printing skills.

As well in his digital work he manages to stay truthful to the analog idea of photography and its mechanisms.

Consequently he returned to a more puristic style of photography and the idea of capturing the moment as itself .

At the moment he has been roaming through the vienese forests with an old instant camera, which led to an astounding photographic document of it.

The work of Simon Fröhlich has been published in numerous magazines and exhibitions within Austria as well as abroad.