Programm 2012

Eine Art Land

Some kind of countryside – 24 Weinviertel Photography Weeks Festival

Einleitung für Thema|Weinviertler Fotowochen | 28. 07. 2012 - 11. 08. 2012

opening: 28.07.2012

In 2012, we will honor FLUSS founder and long-time president, Heinz Cibulka in a large scale retrospective exhibition at the MZM Mistelbach. This, together with the fact that the first Weinviertel Photography Weeks Festival (1989) also took place in Mistelbach, provides a good opportunity to hold also this year’s FLUSS summer school in collaboration with and on the premises of the museum center.

An art that on the one hand questions the (own) body and on the other hand the environment where we move explores the natural interrelation of presence in the world. Both workshop leaders, Heinz Cibulka and the US-born artist John Duncan who now lives in Italy, had originally developed their unique artistic signatures in different forms of Actionism, and yet have long since outpaced it in their use of various (technical and artistic) media. What connects the two is that they explore the world as phenomenologists by means of the closest concrete (everyday life) context which is thereby shifted to the center of an artistic intervention. In this, highest emotional expression is paired with formal precision as a matter of course. Varying techniques such as photography, video, performance, audio and installation are possible tools and forms.

Various talks, the final exhibition and the traditional Fotofestwill also take place in the Museumszentrum Mistelbachvenue.

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