Programm 2012

Karin Mack, poison is in the air

Karin Mack, poison is in the air

Micheal Michlmayr; Fussgaenger, 2005

Micheal Michlmayr; Fussgaenger, 2005

Michael Mastrototaro, effigi_2009

Michael Mastrototaro, effigi_2009

Eva Brunner-Szabo, bandages, 2005

Eva Brunner-Szabo, bandages, 2005

Brigitte Konyen, abstracts

Brigitte Konyen, abstracts

Renate Bertlmann, top_U29

Renate Bertlmann, top_U29

Robert Zahornicky, Wildnis#254, 1997

Robert Zahornicky, Wildnis#254, 1997

The Austrian Season – Teil 1 Medienreflexionen

The Austrian Season – part 1: reflections on the media

Ausstellung| 25. 10. 2012 - 15. 12. 2012

opening: 25.10.2012 19-21 Uhr
curator: alien productions

The gallery at the FondazioneStudioMarangoni, a photography institution that combines a gallery and a photo school in Florence, has time and again showcased different international focal points in its exhibition program. In their Seasons series, they have for example presented Spanish, German and British photography. This year, FLUSS was invited to compile an “Austrian Season” – a representative selection of current Austrian photo and video art. In the first part, we present under the title “Medienreflexionen” (“Reflections on the media”) pieces of art that question, reflect, expand and re-read the medium.

Opening reception: October 25th, 2012, 7 – 9 pm

Artist's Talk: October 26th, 2012, 6 pm: Karin Mack

Workshop: October 26th– 28th, 10 am – 6 pm: Martin Breindl [alien productions]

In the international context Austrian photography and photographic art notably are known for documentaries or staged images attendant on the Viennese Actionism. Due to the fact that the protagonists of this –possibly only genuine Austrian –art movement of the 20thcentury quickly established themselves on the international art market, the human body in all its directness, exposedness, vulgarity and vulnerability became somehow the icon for “Austrian” art. Less perceived but nevertheless parallel to these very violent very basic, very direct, “very male” actions, a strong intellectual, conceptual or structural approach to the arts was developed, in particular by female artists. The body also played a central role in it, less (self-)expressive or exploitative, but more in its role as a medium or a tool to appropriate, conquer or deal with its environment. These artists questionthe photographic medium, reflect it, expand it, and try to re-read it. Photography as a construction of reality or the construction of the photographic medium itself is their core theme.

The exhibition The Austrian Season . Reflections on the Media presents seven Austrian photographers who artistically read the media. That some do so with tongue in cheek, may well lie in our post-modern position on the timeline. The selection is a subjective choice that may be considered exemplary for the movements in contemporary art. They were never shown in Italy in this form and compilation before.

Close to the iconic aftermath of Actionism but already paraphrasing it, Eva Brunner-Szabo shows the struggle of the fragile human body against the ties of civilization.

Renate Bertlmann opens the door into a normal bourgeois Viennese apartment occupied by a couple of exhausted inflatable sex-dolls who already are loosing air.

The body is further reduced to a negative cut-out in Karin Mack’s collages; here it serves as keyhole through which unknown and unpredictable events may penetrate our well-furnished but nevertheless mediated lives.

Brigitte Konyen deconstructs the photographic images even more in cutting them into stripes and re-braiding them again into something completely different.

Michael Mastrototaro [aka Machfeld] recombines the photos he had taken in a country without electricity (Zimbabwe) with drawings of the same views from his own memory.

Michael Michlmayr spots passages as threshold places, where something happens to someone when someone passes something; by repeating and adding these happenings the artist constructs friezes in which events lose their singularity and become patterns of virtual life.

This virtuality is also Robert Zahornicky’s issue when he presents us the most perfect pieces of nature morte; what he calls “Wilderness” turns out to be of the most artificial nature. Nothing is real –or maybe it is?


Renate Bertlmann


born: 1943
nationality: Austria
lives in: Vienna

Karin Mack


born: 1940
nationality: Austria
lives in: Vienna

Karin Mack was born and raised in Vienna, where she attended school and studied History of Arts and Italian at the University of Vienna. At the age of 16 she was given her first camera by her father a very gifted amateure photographer. Being married to a critic of architecture she turned to photography of architecture and worked for 10 years for the avantguarde architects of Austria.
Beeing a woman she realised unequalty between women and men in society and started with conceptual selfportraits reflecting the situation. In the early 1990ies she moved to the Netherlands for 11 years. There she created a garden around her house and observed its seasonal rhythms also through photoconcepts and films. Various aspects of nature, landscape and people’s relationship to it became a matter of interest. Back in Austria she turned to the rocky landscape where she had spent most of her schoolhollidays, situated between Semmering and Rax. Travelling a lot she came back with photographs that turned into conceptual work. But she is also a close observer of whats going on in society and created collages reflecting European identity in a global World.
Her work was supported by scholarships by the Community of Vienna in 1980 and the Austrian State in 1985. In 1982 she won the Römerquelle Artcompetition and was honered in 2010 with the Golden Lorel of Künstlerhaus Vienna for her entire work. Three books where edited about her work and she contributed to books and catalogues as well.

Since 1980 she is a member of Künstlerhaus Vienna and since 2007 of FLUSS (a photo- and media initiative).
Her work is mainly exhibited in Europe (Austria, Italy, Germany, England, France, Poland) but also in the US in New York.

Michael Michlmayr


born: 1965
nationality: Austria
lives in: Vienna

* 1965 in Wien, Stipendien des Bundes für Paris, London und Rom; Private und öffentliche Ankäufe und Auszeichnungen. Seit 2004 Mitarbeit in der Fotogalerie Wien. Lebt als freischaffender Fotograf in Wien.

Ausstellungen und Beteiligungen (Auswahl):
2008 “Zeiträume” Einzelausstellung im Rahmen des Monats der Fotografie/Denkraum Wien
2008 “Space Shuttle I” Gruppenausstellung/Wiener Künstler-Kuratorinnen/Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Deutschland
2008 “Bildlich gesprochen” Gruppenausstellung/Galerie Bolt/Collegium Hungaricum Wien
2007 “kult_5 passage” Teilnahme am offenen Atelierrundgang im 5. Bezirk in Wien
2007 \"Kulisse Stadt\" mit Ingrid Fankhauser, Kunstraum Arcade, Mödling
2006 \"Passage zwischen verschiedenen Zuständen\", Gruppenausstellung, Wartsaal Bern, Schweiz
2006 \"HIER und DORT (QUA e LÀ)\" Fotogalerie Wien on tour, Gruppenausstellung, Palazzo Constanzi, Trieste, Italien
2005 \"Passages au temps présent\" Einzelausstellung in der Galerie Vrais Rêves in Lyon, Frankreich
2005 \"Aquaplaning\" Gruppenausstellung Zentral-Galerie, Lemberg, Ukraine
2004 \"Estifal 2004\", Präsentation während des Fotofestivals von ARLES, Galerie Vrais Rêves aus Lyon, Frankreich
2004 \"Agieren\" 81 Künstler agieren in memoriam Cheibani Wague, im Projektraum im WUK, Wien
2004 \"\", Gruppenausstellung im M.A.P.R.A. Lyon, organisiert von Raymond Viallon, Frankreich
2004 \"Arts Sites\" Kunstprojekt von Faktor f. in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Kulturkonzepte, Wien
2003 \"Korrelationen\" 2. Teil des Kunstaustauschprojektes mit dem Northern Photographic Center in Oulu, Finnland
2003 \"Ten-Views\" Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Espace sd, Beirut, Libanon
2003 \"Photo in Cena\" Gruppenausstellung (16 Künstler der Fotogalerie Wien bei „Photo in Cena\" in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
2002 \"View-Finder Riga\" Biblioteka Vecrigariga, Riga, Lettland
2002 \"Aquaplaning\" Gruppenausstellung, Wasserturm Wien
2002 \"Passages\" 2000 - 2002 Fotogalerie Wien
2001 \"Salon de l\'animal\" Gruppenausstellung Fotogalerie Wien
2001 \"View-Finder Latvia\" Photomuseum Riga, Lettland
2000 \"Au fil du temps, le paysage\" im Rahmen der \"Quinzaine de la Photographie\" in Nantes, Frankreich
1999 \"Private Windows\" Arles Off 99, eingeladen von der frz. Fotoinitiative \"La Fontaine Obscure\", Frankreich
1999 \"Künstlerische Fotografie aus Österreich: 6 Positionen\" Konstakuten gallery, Stockholm, Schweden
1998 \"Finestra\" Raccolta Ausstellungsraum in Rom
1997 \"View-finder London\" Leamington Art Gallery, England
1996 “Ausstellung zum 14. Römerquellepreis“, Galerie Station 3, Wien
1996 \"Ostwind in Riga\" Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Fotomuseum von Riga, Lettland
1996 \"View-Finder London\" Österr. Kulturinstitut London, England
1994 \"Photoalbum Austria\" Kuratiertes Projekt und Ausstellung von Jeff Rian in New York, USA
1994 \"36 Minuten\" Photoprojekt gemeinsam mit Thomas Freiler in der Café Galerie, Wien
1993 \"Majestic Textil präsentiert\" Installation - Gruppenausstellung in einem aufgelassenem Geschäftslokal in Wien
1991 \"Minimals\" Fotogalerie Wien

Eva Brunner-Szabo


born: 1961
nationality: Austria

Born 1961 in Oberwart/Austria. Died in March 2012 in Vienna. Study of communication, PhD 1990. Since 1982 works with photography. Since 1991 member of the Medienwerkstatt Wien. Since 2000 artistic works under label of memoryPROJECTS together with Gert Tschögl. 1996-2004 lector at the University of Vienna. Since 2004 Curator of the experimental media art DVD-Label INDEX. Since 2001 member of FLUSS. Since 2006 member of IG Bildende Kunst.

Various exhibitions, grants and festival participations. e.g. Palais Thurn & Taxis Bregenz/A, Centro d\'art Santa MoniCA Barcelona/E, Pici Gallery Seoul/KOR, NowHere Europe, Collaborative Project 51.Biennale di Venezia/I.
Price of VT-DigitalART Gallery (1999), Mention at Prix Michel Jordi de Photographie (1997). Recognition price of the State of Lower Austria for artistic photography (2011)
Artistic work in the field of Photography, Video, Internet Public Art. /

Brigitte Konyen


born: 1963
nationality: Austria
lives in: Vienna

Born in Gmunden, Upper Austria. Lives and works as a freelance artist and curator in Vienna focusing on photography, object art, gallery management (06–08). Member of Fotogalerie Wien Collective since 2011. Represented in public and private collections. Member of FLUSS, eop, IG Bildende Kunst.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection): 2012 Memory weaves – unweaves time, ÖBV - Atrium, Vienna / 2008 Fotoflechtbilder, Fotoobjekte, kunstraum arcade, Mödling / 2007 constructing memories, Gallery Geyling, Vienna / 2005 picture this , „neuer standort“, St. Balbach, Wien.

Group Exhibitions (Selection): 2012 4th Novosibirsk International Festival of Contemporary Photography, Novosibirsk / 2011 The FACE: evolution of portrait in photography, Traveling exhibition: Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History, Novosibirsk (opening), ROSPHOTO Museum Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg (closing) / Jubiläumsausstellung – 30 JAHRE FOTOGALERIE WIEN, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna / 2010 The Great Escape, Künstlerhaus Vienna, International Month of Photography 2010 (Catalog) / 2009 Etwas Kleines, basement, Vienna / 2008 Traces – Erinnerung in Fotografien, Künstlerhaus Vienna, International Month of Photography 2008 (Catalog) 2008 Wirklich wahr, International Month of Photography, Gallery Geyling, Vienna /Entscheidungen treffen (ViennArt), Museum auf Abruf (MUSA), Vienna.

Artist Statement To realize my art I use one of the eldest handcrafts in the world - the weaving or plaiting. I cut photographs in stripes and intertwine them. Thus a picture with a geometric pattern is created that at first glance appears to be abstract or multifocal. Structure and order are a self-constructed matter and open to numerous compositions as well as references to pictorial contents. In many ways time is a main topic in my art. The very moment the pictures were taken intertwines with other moments and they thus condense into a „time-weaving“ that questions the linear absorption of time.

Robert Zahornicky


born: 1952
nationality: Austria

born 1952
Sponsorship for art photography; provincial commendation for media art in Lower Austria; state scholarship for art photography awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Art with periods of residence in Paris, New York, London and Rome; the Theodor Körner Prize for photography; and working fellowship awarded by the Municipality of Vienna.

Solo exhibitions
2012 Fotogalerie Wien, Werkschau XVII
Foto-Raum, Wien, Spuren
On Screen, Aktuelle Fotografie aus Österreich, Fotohof, Salzburg
La Stagione Austriaca, FSM Gallery (Fondazio Studio Marangoni), Florenz, I
Röcke tragen, MdM Mönchsberg, Salzburg
2008 Kinogalerie Künstlerhaus Wien,
Garten der Erinnerung
2007 Kunstraum Arcade (with Elfriede Mejchar),
Mödling, NÖ
2005 Hausgalerie, Künstlerhaus Wien,
Die Spur der Schrift
2004 Johannes Faber con | temporary, Wien,
Photographische Arbeiten
2002 Galerie Carol Johnssen, München, Wildnis

Group exhibitions
2011 Leopold Museum Wien, Die Magie des Objekts
Künstlerhaus Wien, Kunst und Kapital
2010 Art-Room Würth Austria, Böheimkirchen, NÖ,
Landesmuseum Niederösterreich, St. Pölten,
Ich ist ein Anderer
2009 Ursula-Blickle-Stiftung, Kraichtal, D,
Bücher, Bücher, Bücher – Nichts als Bücher
Künstlerhaus Wien, Evo Evo! 200 Jahre Charles Darwin, 150 Jahre Evolutionstheorie
2008 Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Stift Admont, St
Fokus Bibliothek
2007 Kulturfabrik Hainburg, NÖ, Landschaft – zwei Sammlungen
2006 Fotohof Salzburg, Berichte
Künstlerhaus Wien, De Natura
2005 Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, D
Polaroid als Geste
2004 Landesmuseum Niederösterreich, St. Pölten,
Phänomen Landschaft

Michael Mastrototaro


nationality: Austria

Unentwegtes Reisen durch die Offline Realitäten der Weltgeografie, durch deren Zeitzonen, deren Landschaften und urbane Agglomerationen prägt die künstlerische Arbeit von Michael Mastrototaro nachhaltig. Jeweils vor Ort untersucht der in Wien stationierte Künstler, soziale, ökonomische und kulturelle Bedingungen. Im Zuge prozessual angelegter Kunstprojekte dockt er oft auch gemeinsam als Teil der Entität MACHFELD an lokale Bedeutungsebenen der von ihnen aufgesuchten Schauplätze an, um deren spezifische Zeichensysteme und grammatikalische Strukturen in unterschiedlichen Verfahren als Konzentrate und Verdichtungen zu formalisieren. Während extensive Feldforschungen verbunden mit Erkundungen in Ländern des südlichen Afrika, in Mittelamerika, USA, Südchina oder auch in Gebieten seines unmittelbaren mitteleuropäischen Lebensumfelds eine zentrale Rolle im Werk von Michael Mastrototaro einnimmt, bleiben die Konzepte überwiegend medienorientiert und reflektieren etablierte Konventionen der Wahrnehmung.

1999 gründete er (gemeinsam mit der Medienkünstlerin Sabine Maier) MACHFELD. Basierend auf seinem gleichnamigen Cyber-Roman entwickelte sich MACHFELD zu einer Entität mit Fokus auf transmediale Kunstformen. So entstanden im Laufe der Jahre künstlerische Projekte im Spannungsfeld von: Photographie, Literatur, Netzkunst, Kurz- und Experimentalfilme, Streaming-Projekte, interaktive Installationen, Radio-Kunst, On- und Offline Performances sowie Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. Die meisten seiner Arbeiten entstanden unter dem Pseudonym MACHFELD.

Projekte, Ausstellungen, Vorträge und Screenings in:
Afrika, Asien, Europa, Zentral- & Nordamerika und in den USA. (u.a. Hong Kong Arts Center (Hong Kong/Sonderverwaltungszone Hongkong der Volksrepublik China), University of California (Santa Barbara/USA) Bag Factory (Johannesburg/Südafrika), Kunsthalle Basel (Basel/Schweiz), Museum of Modern Art (Detroit/USA).

2008 erhielt er mit MACHFELD den Förderungspreis für Video- und Medienkunst des BMUKK.

Galerie Raum mit Licht, Kaiserstrasse 32, 1070 Wien, A

Foto: RENATE MÜLLER aus der Serie FAMOS, Autogrammkarte mit original Unterschrift und Übermalung. 14 cm x 9 cm, UNIKAT, 2013