Programm 2012

Symposium - Strategien im lšndlichen Raum VII

Strategies in rural areas VII - Symposium

Seminar|Strategien im lšndlichen Raum | 27. 09. 2012 - 29. 09. 2012

opening: 27.9.2012

In collaboration with the initiative Kulturvernetzung NÖ, FLUSS organizes a three-day symposium with the aim of weaving the different initiatives that were presented as “Strategien im ländlichen Raum” (“strategies in rural areas”) in 2004 into a network.

 The exchange of information and experiences on all levels will provide the basis for a permanent platform where the protagonists of these various initiatives may meet, interact, and exchange information. Shared concerns and similar problems will be addressed as well as the different needs and situation of each individual.

The symposium will be moderated and coordinated by Peter Trachsel, with his Graubünden (Switzerland) project “14 Räume für die Kunst, oder: Wenn es dunkel wird im Tal” (“14 spaces for art, or: As darkness falls in the valley”) one of the pioneers of cultural work in rural areas. Peter Trachsel is also one of the FLUSS 2012 guest artists.


Peter Trachsel / dieHasena (CH)
Richard Frankenberger / Kulm (A)
Ruth und Bernhard Kathan / Hiddenmuseum (A)
Heimo Ranzenbacher / Judenburg (A)
Antonella Bukovaz und Moreno Miorelli / Topolo (I)
Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Norbert Math / FLUSS (A)
Josef Schick / Kulturvernetzung NÖ