Programm 2012

Heinz Cibulka

Workshop|Weinviertler Fotowochen | 28. 07. 2012 - 04. 08. 2012

opening: 28.07.2012 um 10 Uhr

Workshop as discourse on tangible activities with concrete materials –
In the rhythm of light and darkness. place: public space, probably on the premises of the Agricultural Technical School Mistelbach. media toolkit: tools like shovels and rakes, canvas, paper, paints, photography, computer, seeds, soil, green waste, various animal
substances used in edibles...
We explore, and discover for ourselves as a group and as individuals a useable space, a few square meters of farmland that appears to be suitable for our projects. Here, we actualize our artistic concerns. We collect incidental finds and planned materials, to demonstratively display them and/or artistically arrange them.
Objects and images suitable for exhibition, such as films, audio recordings or photographic works, will be displayed and/or demonstrated as workshop results in the MZM M-zone.