Programm 2013

Strategien im ländlichen Raum VIII - Symposion Teil 2

Strategies in rural areas VIII - The symposion part 2

Einleitung für Thema|Strategien im ländlichen Raum | 26. 09. 2013 - 28. 09. 2013

opening: 26.9.2013
curator: alien productions

The potential of art projects for regional development might be considerable. FLUSS has for years been engaged with international projects that are positioned apart from what is traditionally called “volkstümliche Kultur” and yet are actively engaged with the societal reality of the “regional” in rural areas. This is remarkable, as the aim is to make the questions being asked very general ones: What do we mean when we say “rural areas”? Where does the city end? Where does rural space start, and how has it changed by mobility or communication technologies? What demands should be made on art projects in rural areas? Which are the projects that make sense, and which ones don’t? How can potential clients, customers and sponsors be won over to such projects? All the many related discussions are long overdue. Besides the direct exchange of experience, the project addresses methodology – a requirement to elevate such projects above the level of creative thoughts or good ideas. (Bernhard Kathan, in EIKON #81, 02/2013)

A three-day symposium, conzeptualized by Peter Trachsel, who was one of the pioneers of cultural work in rural areas (in the Swiss Graubünden the project “14 spaces for art, or: When darkness falls in the valley” is one of the poster projects for culture work in rural space). Peter Trachsel died in August 2013 in Vienna - we will miss him.