Programm 2013

On the Road

works from FLUSS members

Ausstellung| 06. 09. 2013 - 05. 10. 2013

opening hours: Mi - So 10 - 17 Uhr

opening: 6.9.2013 um 18 Uhr
curator: alien productions

FLUSS today boasts more than seventy members. Founded two and a half centuries ago by handful of motivated photo artists and theoreticians, the association has evolved into one of the central institutions for contemporary photo- and media artists in Austria. High time to present an overview of all current FLUSS members. Upon invitation of the NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst in St. Pölten, we present current photo and video art pieces and media combinations. The exhibition is intended both as a cross section and as a stock taking effort of photography in the ever changing media landscape. Consequently, it also serves as a basis for discussion for current developments in this sector of modern art, which in turn seems to be “on its way”.

Presentation and introduction by Carl Aigner, the NÖ Landesmuseum’s director and himself a FLUSS member.