Programm 2013

Manu Luksch

Make your own future

Workshop|Weinviertler Fotowochen | 10. 08. 2013 - 17. 08. 2013

When did you last imagine a different world – with a completely different infrastructure and pattern of daily life? One in which success was measured in smile units, where time and space were transformed, where street life meant more than just traffic? How would you like to travel, make friends, raise children?

Tactical fiction is a powerful artistic strategy for rethinking the status quo. By creating myths and tales around existing objects, processes or environments, we can provoke and share visions of alternative futures. It's a great way for creatively challenging what we find less than perfect in our world, for combining the political with the imaginary.

This workshop will unfold as a genesis of an imaginary future. We will use artistic approaches to break usual habits, to reinvent our neighbourhood: the things we take for granted. Beginning with a set of small-scale models – of everyday objects, infrastructure and landscapes – we'll transform Wolkersdorf into a fantastic site for myths and stories that question the trajectory of change. The workshop will involve practical use of different media (for example, modeling, photography, stop frame animation, video) and an introduction to critical artistic approaches. No previous experience is necessary – just a free spirit and a questioning attitude. Suitable for all ages.


Manu Luksch


nationality: Austria

Manu Luksch is intermedia artist whose practice interrogates conceptions of progress through the devising oftools and frameworks and the instigation of processes, with a strong emphasis on research and and collaboration often with groups whose experience and expertise is under-recognised.

She is founder of ambientTV.NET, a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of art, technology and social criticism. Her focus is on the effects of emerging technologies on daily life, social relations, urban space, and political structures specifically, possible futures of infrastructures, the thresholds and constraints of public space, and the traces of data that accumulate in digital networked societies.

Works areshown at venues and festivals internationally, including Whitechapel Art Gallery (London 2012), Ars Electronica Centre (Linz 2012), Coreana Museum of Art (Seoul 2011), Norwich Castle Museum (UK 2011), LABoral (Gijon 2010), VideoTage (Hong Kong 2009). Her internationally acclaimed film installation, FACELESS (2007), narrated by Tilda Swinton and pioneering the concept of the \'legal readymades\', is included in the Collection de Centre Pompidou.