Programm 2014

Buchstaben, Worte, Texte in fotografischen Bildern

Ausstellung| 09. 08. 2014 - 07. 09. 2014

opening hours: Sa, So 14 - 18 Uhr

opening: 9.8.2014 18 Uhr
curator: Karin Mack

The liaison between text and image has been an investigative area for artists since the dawn of the 20th century. What do letters, words and texts in photographic images stand for? In which ways photo-artists deal with text? A group exhibition focusing on the iconic qualities of text, curated by Karin Mack.

Artists: Martin Breindl, A, Eva Brunner-Szabo, A, Linda Christanell, A, Anna Fabricius, H,  Robert F. Hammerstiel, A, Brigitte Kordina, A, Paul Albert Leitner, A, Karin Mack, A,  Almut Rink, D, Marielis Seyler, A, Robert Zahornicky, A, Gue Schmid, A, Jana Wisniewski, A