Programm 2016

Visionen der Medienkunst 5

Visions of media art 5

Ausstellung|Visionen der Medienkunst | 09. 04. 2016 - 25. 04. 2016

opening hours: Freitag,Samstag und Montag 14 - 18 Uhr

opening: 8.4.2016 um 19 Uhr
curator: alien productions, Gerda Lampalzer

Together with Medienwerkstatt Wien, FLUSS since 2012 has been realizing a number of (exhibition) projects, where current artistic positions are complemented by historical programmatic writings. Art is always a utopia and technical utopias are always also social utopias.

After Dziga Vertov ("Das Mechanische Auge / The Mechanical Eye", 2012), Alexander Kluge ("DEN KOSMOS FERN SEHEN / THE COSMOS IN TELE-VISION", 2013), Nam June Paik ("Wenn too perfect, lieber Gott böse", 2014) and Maya Deren ("Eine andere Wirklichkeit / A different reality", 2015), the deceased artist Robert Adrian was chosen as the artistic figurehead of this year's project.

Three artists – Reni Hofmüller, Helmut Mark and Robert Mathy – were invited to enter into a dialogue with the works and utopias of that pioneer of telecommunication. The pieces will be set up and exhibited in the space of Medienwerkstatt Wien. In addition, a conversation between Robert Adrian and Martin Breindl, which was recorded as part of the Medienwerkstatt event series “DOUBLE TAKE MedienkunstpionierInnen in Österreich / DOUBLE TAKE media art pioneers” in Austria, will be shown.



Robert Mathy


born: 1979
nationality: Austria
lives in: Vienna

Mag. art. Robert Mathy lives and works in Vienna. Born 1979.
1993 − 1998 HTL Ortweinschule | Department of Audiovisual Studies | Graz | Austria
1999 − 2000 Civil service
2001 − 2006 Works in filmproduction office as a cameraassistant and in postproduction | Vienna | Austria
2002 Founding the visuals-group \"Solarium\".
2007-2012 Studying at University for Applied Arts Vienna, Departement for digital art
2010-2011 Studies at University of São Paulo, Department for Communication and Art | Brazil

Collaboration at following filmproductions:
Mein Russland (Max Ophyls-award-winning 2002)
Ausländer Raus - Schliengensiefs Container (Documentation about Christoph Schlingensiefs Containeraction at the Wiener Festwochen)
Unterwegs nach Heimat (Documentation about an easttirolean mountain farmer family)

Reni Hofmüller


born: 1966
nationality: Austria
lives in: Graz

Born 1966. Lives in Graz (A). Artist, musician, composer, performer, organizer and activist in the fields of usage of (new) media, technology and politics in general, engaged in development of contemporary art.

Helmut Mark


born: 1958
nationality: Austria
lives in: Wien und Leipzig

Born 1958 in Austria, lives and works in Vienna and Leipzig.

Since 1983 singel-exhibitions and group-exhibitions.
Since 1985 multimedia- und telecommunicationsprojects.
1994 – 1999 founder of the Internetserver The Thing Vienna.
Since 1995 professrr (media-art) at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig.