Programm 2016

TIEFENSCHÄRFEN - Gespräche zur Kunst

Vortrag|TIEFENSCHÄRFEN | 25. 06. 2016

opening: 25.6.2016 um 17 Uhr

Lecture with the syrian artist ISSA TOUMA about his project "Art Camping", which tries to give young people hope and perspectives in a world of war - in Aleppo and all over the world.

Issa Touma is a photographer and curator based in Aleppo (Syria). His photographic work can be found in international collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Finding himself isolated from the international art community in his own country, Touma established the Black and White Gallery, the first photography gallery in the Middle East, in 1992. After its closure in 1996, Touma founded Le Pont, an independent art organization and gallery that promotes freedom of expression and stimulates the local art scene through international events. In 1997, he started the International Photography Festival Aleppo, which despite the horrors and uncertainties of the conflict, continues to take place every year.