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Performance art, as one of the art forms most profoundly defined by its fleeting nature and its focus on experiencing the moment, is often documented in photographs. Sometimes, photographic documentation is the central aim. Yet in many cases, the photographic process (or its extension in film and video) develops a special significance of its own, or plays a particular role within the framework of the performance. The workshops of this year's photography festival juxtapose the concepts of Boris Nieslony, the performance artist and theorist, networker and legendary performance instructor (30 July - 6 August 2011) with those of Carla Bobadilla, the Chilean performance and photography artist now living in Vienna (6 - 13 August 2011). In their workshops both will lead their participants through practical projects to explore the ephemeral structures of these art forms, and the space in between. The topic will be complemented on a theoretical level by Pietro Pellini's and Norman White's lecture on 13 August 2011. 

Vortrag Pietro Pellini

speech|13. 08. 2011 

2120 Wolkersdorf Schlossplatz 2 Veranstaltungssaal

Abschlussausstellung der Weinviertler Fotowochen

exhibition|13. 08. 2011 - 28. 08. 2011

Ort: 2120 Wolkersdorf Schlossplatz 2 Marek-Räume

Vortrag Norman T. White

speech|13. 08. 2011 

Maschinenverhalten und Robotik

2120 Wolkersdorf Schlossplatz 2 Veranstaltungssaal

Workshop mit Carla Bobadilla (Chile/A)

workshop|06. 08. 2011 - 13. 08. 2011

Fotografie <&> Performance

2120 Wolkersdorf Schlossplatz 2 Büroräume + Marek-Räume

Workshop mit Boris Nieslony (D)

workshop|30. 07. 2011 - 06. 08. 2011

Die Kunst der Performance

2120 Wolkersdorf Schlossplatz 2 Büroräume + Marekräume