18.3.3 - 22.4.2018

ULTIMA THULE - stories about Iceland

The term ULTIMA THULE in ancient geographies denotes any distant place located beyond the borders of the known world. The Greek explorer Pytheas is the first to have written of Thule after his travels between 330–320 BC. In the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, Thule was often identified as Iceland. The exhibition presents works by artists from Iceland and Austria as different kinds of narration about this special island.

18. 3. – 22. 4. 2018, sat, sun, holidays 2 – 6 pm, gallery 2

21.4. - 13.5.2018

Images, Tropes and Narratives : Sharing Control

Ten students from the Art and Media Departmentsof the Aalto University in Helsinki are theoretically and practically circling the topics of control and sharing in a joint project, emphasizing the horizontal structures and working processes. An artistic research project, co-taught by Martin Breindl and Harri Laakso, that started at the university’s premises in Espoo, continued in a workshop in the Marek Gallery in Schloss Wolkersdorf, and culminates in the realization of an installation that deals with the concrete place, colonizing it with different species and thereby transforming it into a new ecology of its own.

opening: 20.4.2018, 6 pm, Marek-Räume, Schloss Wolkersdorf

exhibition: 21. 4. – 13. 5. 2018, sa, sun, holidays 2 – 6 pm

5.5. - 14.5.2018

Visionen der Medienkunst 7: "MAKE A WISH" Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is the artistic figureheadof this year’s Visions of Media Artedition, a series that juxtaposes historical ideas and concepts with contemporary artistic attitudes. With her manifold œuvre as a musician, filmmaker and conceptual artist she became a pioneer of an emancipatory transdisciplinary view of art.

4. 5. 2018, 7 pm opening: Andrea Sodomka, “Homage à Yoko Ono”; Eva Ursprung, “Breathe”
5. 5. – 14. 5. 2018 exhibition fri, sat, mon 2 – 6 pm
Medienwerkstatt Wien, Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Wien


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