25.7. - 29.8.2021


PERIPLUS was a written navigation aid in ancient nautical science and, in a figurative sense, a trip or travel description. Under this title, the curator Nina Kassianou initiated a 15-day residency on the Greek island of Ithaka in summer 2020, in which artists and curators worked together in a permanent exchange and inspired each other. Workshops and lectures accompanied the work process.
Ithaca is the mythological home of Odysseus, the place of desire which seems impossible to reach. Interpreted in a contemporary way: the hope of returning to a lost home, the nostalgia and the longing to see familiar places and people again and the memory that remains intact despite the relentless passage of time.

PERIPLUS was initiated by Nina Kassianou and Lambros Papanikolatos
guest curators: Martin Breindl, Krzysztof Candrowicz, Moritz Neumüller 

Opening: 24.7.2021, 6 pm, Schloss Wolkersdorf, Gallery 2

25.7. - 29.8.2021, sat, sun 2 - 6 pm

24.7. - 7.8.2021

Weinviertler Fotowochen 2021

“Everything that comes together falls apart."

The quote from the novel Looking for Alaska, borrowed from John Green, stands for the relentless realization that everything is fugacious at some point. Last but not least, the Covid19 crisis made it clear to us how quickly and uncontrollably such a collapse can occur.

Workshop with Ezgi Erol 24.7. - 31.7.2021, Performance with Reni Hofmüller (7.8.2021)

Exhibion - opening, performance, "Fotofest" --  7.8.2021 6 pm

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