Schloss Wolkersdorf | Marekräume

Gallery Marek rooms

The rooms on the third floor of the west wing are 126 m2 in size, are adapted as a gallery and provided with a suitable lighting system. The corridor leading to the actual gallery also can be used as an exhibition space and is secured by a gate. The name of the gallery refers to the last tenant of this former apartment, who, from the 1920s, lived here until 1995.

Schloss Wolkersdorf | Galerie 1

Gallery 1

Thegallery is located on the first floor of the east wing of the castle and is 125 m2 in size. It was renovated by the City of Wolkersdorf with the support of the Bundesdenkmalamt. The gallery is equipped with a modern lighting system andsecured by an alarm system.

Schloss Wolkersdorf | Galerie 2

Gallery 2

Locatedon the second floor of the east wing,the gallery is 129 m2 in size. It also was renovated and equipped with a modern lighting system. One room is used as a storage and kitchen, a second one, easy to darken, works well with projections and presentations of new media. The gallery is secured by an alarm system.